Video Library and Outlining Tool

Video Library and Outlining Tool

SpeechPlanner is an interactive, speech outlining tool that guides you through the process of planning and preparing your speech, one step at a time. This valuable planner makes it simple and easy to create highly effective, successful speeches anywhere, any time.

Need help accessing the Outlining Tool in your course? Instructors and students will have access to the Video Library and Outlining Tool directly from their Course Menu and will NOT need to register for a separate user account. To locate the Course Menu, see help on Course Navigation. If you are having trouble seeing the Outlining Tool in your course, we recommend clearing your browser’s cookies. 


Are you using the Outlining Tool with the Safari browser on a Mac? Go to Preferences in your Safari browser, click on Privacy, and uncheck Prevent cross-site tracking. This will allow you to access the Outlining Tool directly from your course.



Need help with creating, saving, or deleting a speech?  View these Student FAQs. For additional help, contact us at