Assigning Content

Chapters are easily assigned via the schedule icon.

Students can not do work in an assigned chapter after the end date. They will only be able to access chapters past end dates in review mode.


Notes on due dates:

  • Once a due date has been achieved, student scores - at whatever status - will automatically be submitted and locked. Changing a due date afterwards will not unlock submitted student work.
  • Changing a due date prior to the original due date being achieved, will give the extension to students who have not submitted their score for the module. It will not unlock work or give the extension to students who already submitted their score for the module.

Student View of Due Dates

Once you have placed a due date on a Study Guide Chapter, both you and your students will see an Assignments due in the next 7 days alert panel above the table of contents on the Study Guide Home. This panel will continually update as you schedule assignments and the course progresses.


The drop down arrow on the panel opens to show all assignments due in the next 7 days. Due dates appear below the assignment name in red.  The assignment name is hyperlinked, student can click on the link to go directly to the assessment launch page.