Assessment Settings

Assessments Settings

Assessment settings allow instructors to control

  • availability and dues dates for assignments
  • the number of attempts allowed for an assignment
  • time limits for an assignment
  • exceptions for individual students for an assignment
  • late work policy


Visit the Centralized Settings Page using the Settings button on the course home page or your user profile.



From the Centralized Settings Page instructors can view all assignments that report to the gradebook and that are “assignable”.

Clicking a selector button will select that assignment type in the table.



Click on Edit Selections button to access the settings panel:



Late work

Set course level Allow late work.  Allowing late work permits students to submit assignments after their due date. This applies to all assignments in the course with due dates.


If you choose not to allow students to submit late work, they cannot begin or submit work after the deadline. 

If you choose to allow students to submit late work, students can submit work started before the deadline, but they cannot start new work.

When late work is enabled, the student is only able to finish the attempt that is still in progress. It does not allow them to start any other remaining attempts.