Gradebook Navigation and Tools

Understanding the Gradebook

The Gradebook provides insight into student work. Instructors can view or edit student scores, view student answers on assessments, and reset assessment attempts.

Access the Gradebook from any course page via the Profile Menu.


Gradebook Navigation Tools

Instructors can use the Gradebook course menu pull down to navigate between the Gradebooks of multiple courses.


Each course Gradebook includes the following navigation & search tools:

  • Show X entries filter to select the number of students to show on screen.  The default is set to 25 and can be changed to 50 - 75 - 100.
  • Unit and Module headings are active links to course content.
  • Horizontal and vertical scroll bars 
  • Page navigation is in the lower right corner.


Tool Tips

The Gradebook contains useful tooltips on most items to assist you with grading.  Roll-over any underlined item to see the tooltip.



Search Students

The Search students allows you to search and locate a specific student in the Gradebook. To use the tool, type a student name into the Search field and corresponding students will sort automatically below.



Practice Completed Column 

You can choose to hide the gradebook Practice Completed Column by using the toggle. 



  • Toggling off the Practice Completed Column will not hide the column from student view in My scores.
  • Practice Completed Column will not auto-sync to an LMS gradebook. If Practice Completed is desired, it can be manually exported and imported into an LMS.