Administrative Interface

A Publisher Account is an institution-level account that allows an institution to work on their project(s). 

There are two different levels for Administrative access within an institution: Customer Administrator and Group Administrator. Depending on their role, users can create additional projects that serve as shells for their own material.


Customer Administrator

A Customer Administrator has the ability to (1) invite other users to the Publisher account and (2) create or delete Projects and Groups.

The Customer Admin interface on the SmartAuthor home page features four sections: Groups, Projects, Users, and Publisher Settings.


On the right side of the page is the Manage Roles icon, available only to Customer Admin users.



Publisher Settings

A Customer Administrator can establish publisher-level settings that will define how courses look in regard to branding colors of the institution, logos, custom labels and formative activity styles.



Group Administrator

Group Administrators are assigned by the Customer Administrator and can self-sufficiently manage only the projects and users in their Groups. 

A Group Administrator will not have the ability to update Publisher Settings, manage Roles, or create new Groups.




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