Auto Tagging

Learning Objective Auto Tagging allows developers to chose to have all inline formative questions on a page tagged with the page-level learning objective(s).


Auto Tag New Questions

Once a page is tagged with a learning objective or multiple learning objectives, all new questions on the page are automatically tagged with the same learning objective(s). Note: You can remove or change learning objectives at the question level.


Auto Tagging Existing Questions

If a page has existing questions but no learning objective(s), adding a learning objective to the page provides the option for auto tagging.

1. Click + Add a learning objective


2. Select or create a learning objective.


You will be prompted with the question "Tag existing questions with new Learning Objective?"

3. Select “Yes, tag existing questions” to tag existing questions on the page. 



Note:  this will retag any previously tagged questions with this new Learning Objective