Reading the Readiness Report

The Readiness Report provides a summary of potential issues in your course.

The report checks a blueprint so you may validate it is ready for students, by checking for: pedagogical alignment, broken links/resources and accessibility features. You will also find other informative insights and platform utilization improvements to help you improve key sections of the course.




The summary at the top of the page provides a quick overview of the three primary check categories' current state and the amount of potential issues found.​


The Readiness Report highlights identified issues in each of the following categories:

Critical Course Publishing Issues

Examines key elements like incorrect inputs, incomplete units, questions without the correct form, invalid links or remaining placeholders. This will ensure a seamless course publishing process.​

Platform Utilization Improvements​

Reviews course functionality by connecting practice with Learning Objectives, establishing adaptive levels, and guaranteeing proper organization. Identifies and flags issues such as duplicated learning objectives, pages with insufficient or excessive learning objectives, and untagged questions, ensuring pedagogical alignment.

Accessibility & Usability Enhancements​

Focuses on improving course accessibility by checking for missing alternative text, video transcripts, and overall video accessibility.​

Informative Insights

Provides useful information about the scope of the course; such as total pages, questions, Learning Objectives, and question types used throughout the course. Provides a complete overview for greater comprehension and progress.​


Each section of the report has a list of potential issues, including Issues and Status columns for each.

  • The Issues column reports the number of issues for each particular check.
  • The Status column will show a colored icon that indicates the status for each particular check, which can be either green, yellow or red

Green status indicates that no issues were found for that particular check.

Yellow status flags potential issues that will not interfere with the course publishing process. 

Red status is reserved for issues that could interfere with the correct publishing of the course.

green2.PNG yellow2.PNG red.PNG


information.PNG Wherever you see a yellow or red status, click on the information icon to open a drawer with more details about that failed check, including a direct link to the corresponding element to quickly review or edit:



Note: The Readiness Report flags potential issues. The report errs on the side of caution, so you may decide not to address some of the issues that it identifies. Training from an Acrobatiq team member will help you learn to evaluate the results of your report and determine the actions to take. Contact your Engagement Manager if you need training or have any questions.