Creating a Student Account


Important! Account creation is only required if you are not accessing your Acrobatiq course through your school's LMS. Are you using Acrobatiq with Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle or another LMS?  If yes, reference your syllabus or speak with your instructor on how to access you course. If no, follow the instructions below.

Before you get started you will need:

  1. A valid email address. 
  2. The Course Key provided by your instructor that enrolls you in your correct course. If you don't know your Course Key, reference your syllabus or check with your instructor.
  3. An access code or a payment form (credit card or PayPal). If you don’t have an access code, you can use a credit card or PayPal to purchase access.

To create a new  student account

1. To create a new Insight account, go to

2. Click Need a student account?


3. Complete the information on this page and click Create account.  


4. Review the Terms and Privacy, check the agreement box, and click Accept to proceed


5. Under Courses I’m Taking, click Register for a Course.


6. Enter the Course Key provided by your instructor and select Save.


7. Confirm the registration by clicking OK.


Payment Options

If payment is required, you have the following Payment Options:

  • Enter the access code that came with your textbook or was purchased separately from the bookstore. After redeeming your access code you will be redirected to your course home page.
  • Or buy access using a credit card or PayPal account. After completing the payment process you will be redirected to your course home page. 

See Forms of Payment