Grading Hand-in Assignments


Hand-in Assignments are submitted by learners. Depending on how the assignment was developed, learners may upload documents or enter text within a provided field. Instructors are able to view the assignments and grade them based on an accompanying rubric.


Accessing Hand-in Assignments

  1. Access the Acrobatiq Gradebook.
  2. Completed Hand-in Assignments are designated by a checkmark. Click the checkmark.
  3. Details appear. Click Starting Grading to begin grading the assignment. 



Grading Hand-in Assignments

If the file upload has been enabled for the assignment, you will find the document available. Click to download and review. Alternatively, view the content the learner wrote in the textbook.

Use the Rubric provided to score the assignment based.  Once you have added scores for each item, click the Submit Grade button.



Editing Grades

After grading, you may edit a grade you submitted by clicking the score in the Gradebook, then click Edit Grade.



File Retention Policy

Our file retention policy for hand-in assignments is automatic file purging after 12 months from the date of upload - files uploaded by students will be retained for 12 months from the date of upload.


LMS Grade Sync

LMS Grade Sync only conveys grades (scores) and not status.  If you are using Grade Sync with your LMS, students who have submitted a hand-in assignment will show a score of "0" in your LMS Gradebook, until you assign a grade in the Acrobatiq Gradebook as outlined above.