Course Content

A research-based approach to optimizing learning

Acrobatiq is built on the results of 12 years of research at Carnegie Mellon's Open Learning Initiative. These findings demonstrated that doing practice opportunities has six times the impact on. learning than just reading alone. This is called the Doer Effect. As learners work through course material, they will learn more, learn faster, and have better retention – by practicing what they are learning as they learn it.

This Learn by Doing approach, where small pieces of content are reinforced with activities or assessments, provides a more interactive experience that unlocks adaptive personalized learning paths. 


Course Content

Throughout your course you will be presented with topical lessons with clear learning objectives and embedded Learn by Doing activities which provide practice and feedback as you work through the course. 



Depending on your course, you may also find any of the following:


Summative Assessments: Tests & Quizzes

Summative assessments are scored and they appear at the end of a section of content.  Summative assessments measure mastery and grades are recorded in the course gradebook and My Scores. 



Personal Practice

Personal Practice activities are adaptive, formative assignments that generally appear at the end of a module prior to its paired summative assessment. These activities help you prepare you for the assessment. Your score is based on your percentage of completion of these assignments, and your performance on the module's learning objectives determines the questions that the activity provides.



Hand-in Assignment

Hand-in assignments allow students to electronically hand in an assignment to an instructor for grading.