Paying for a Course After Trial Period Has Ended

You can access an Acrobatiq course for a free 17-day trial period. If you have made payment before the trial period ends, you will be prompted to enter a credit card, PayPal payment, or Acrobatiq redemption code before you can access your course.

Note: Typically, a redemption code is purchased at the bookstore or delivered electronically by a PDF purchased from the bookstore. The price displayed within Acrobatiq is the price that Acrobatiq charges the bookstore. Bookstores often add a surcharge, so the price that you pay may vary from the amount displayed.


1. Click Pay Now:


2. Choose method of payment: 



3. Enter credit card or Acrobatiq redemption code, then click the Continue button:




4. Payment confirmation appears on the My Courses page: