Content Types in Each Unit

These are the content types found in the units of an Acrobatiq course: 


Learning Objectives: Found at the top of each page, learning objectives indicate what students are about to learn. They help students check their understanding of the material on each page. 


Explanatory Content: Consists of short passages of text with information, examples, images, videos, and explanations.


Learn By Doing: These activities give students the chance to practice the concept that they are learning, with hints and feedback to guide them if they struggle.


Did I Get This?: These quick self-check activities help students assess their understanding of the material before they do graded activities.


Getting Ready: This assignment helps students assess their preparedness for the content in this course. Based on their performance, they will receive personalized instruction to prepare them to be successful in future units.


Before You Continue: These surveys allow students to evaluate and rate their understanding of the learning objectives covered in each section. Their responses are not graded; however, they are available for you, the instructor, to review.


Checkpoints and Quizzes: These short assessments provide you, the instructor, with information regarding your students' progress.