Roles: Instructor and Student

The Acrobatiq platform assigns three roles: Instructor, or Student. They are mutually exclusive; a user can have only one role within an Acrobatiq course.


This role is granted by Acrobatiq or by clicking an existing single sign-on (SSO) link in your school's learning management system (LMS). Users with corresponding roles in an LMS are given the Instructor role in Acrobatiq. The Instructor role has the following privileges: 

  • Schedule due dates 
  • Learning Dashboard
  • Gradebook
  • Answer keys
  • Profile Page
  • Help



Those with the student role have access to course content and all the tools and pages that enable students to navigate an Acrobatiq course or to maintain their account: 

  • All course content, EXCLUDING answer keys and subject to an applied schedule
  • My Profile page
  • Help