Project Teams

Using the Teams menu, Customer Admins can add members to a project team, remove them, or assign roles on the project. In the list of project teams, click the corresponding expansion arrow to expose the list of team members and their roles.


Add a Team Member to a Project

1. On the home page, click on Teams. Then locate the project to which a team member will be added and click the expansion arrow.

2. Click Add Team Member. 


3. Enter Email. 

4. Update Role.


“Add team member” pop-out


Note: You can add new team members before they accept an invitation to the server. However, new team members will not be able to login until they accept the invitation. Admins can check under Users to see if an invitation is still pending. If users have accepted the invitation but have not been added to a team, they will be able to login but will not see any projects on their Projects page.


Update a Team Member

In the Roles column, you can change a user's role by selecting a new option from the menu. 

At the right end of the table, click the trash can icon to remove the user from the team.


Note: Customer Admins can export a list of team members and their roles. Click Export user roles to download a list of users and their roles.