Custom JavaScript

The JavaScript Component allows embedding PDFs within a content page.

Add JavaScript Component to Page

Step 1: Add Section Type

  1. Navigate to a page in the Smart Author editor.
  2. Click + Add Section.
  3. Click JavaScript Component.
  4. Click Add to Page.




Step 2: Select Component

  1. Click Select Component.
  2. Select the PDF Viewer.



Step 3: Add Title and Description, and Select File

  1. Add Title (optional).
  2. Add Description (optional).
  3. Click Choose File.
  4. Select PDF file to be added.
  5. Click Upload File.




Note: If you wish to change an already uploaded file, delete the file that was added and begin with Step 3 above in order to add a new file.


Preview the Content

Preview the content to confirm how it will appear in the course and make any adjustments needed.